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Welcome to ask_a_lolita, where a friendly team of experienced lolitas has gathered to help provide friendly, thoughtful answers to any questions you may have-- but are too afraid to ask! If you have a question, please go ahead and post it to the community. If you'd like to ask your question anonymously, please comment with your inquiry in this post, and the moderation team will post your question. Through this community, we hope that lolitas both new and old can learn more about the fashion.

If you would like to be a part of the moderation team and help us answer questions, please PM askalolita for more information.
Do items shipped from Innocent World require you sign for the package, or does it depend on what you buy/where you live (I live in the US if it matters). I apologize if this has been answered in some way somewhere else. This is my first time ordering from IW and I couldn't find an answer anywhere.

Jul. 18th, 2011

I just got some pants from Alice and the Pirates, and noticed a spider on the tag (http://i53.tinypic.com/281c18k.jpg). Does the spider have a meaning?


2 Questions

Hi guys. So i really like the Wa lolita fashion because it is so pretty and so lovely. I really love it and would love to own a wa loli dress. My question is in the lolita handbook (i think.) it says that you should keep your geeky love for japan out of loli fashion. I don't want to appear as if i just love japan and don't care about lolita and what lolita is about. But i also really love it, so anyways is it okay for american lolitas to wear wa lolita? (long rambly question is long and rambly.)

My second question is about brands. In my last post it was pointed out to me that anna house is not brand. (i knew bodyline wasn't already.) So is fan+friend not brand either? What about clobbaonline or taoboa? (i 'm not sure if those are the same company please don't hurt me.) Thank you for helping me.
[info]sweet_tierani wrote:
Reseve question
I have a general question. Would anyone out there be willing to reserve a dress for someone and have that person pay them with installments? Has this ever been done before? I ask because I would like to have one of the new BTSSB dresses, but lack the total funds at the moment. If I show good feedback with a down payment will this be enough? 

BTW, I don't NEED the dress, and I know I currently dont have the total amount to afford it. I also know most people probably wont be willing to do it. But I figured it doesnt hurt to ask.
Dear AAL,

I am looking to buy a dress on the BTSSB website. It is only available in one size and I'm not sure if that size will fit me.
The dress does have shirring on the back, though.

Are the measurments listed on the website the max or does the dress stretch more than that?

Help me obtain my dream dress!

So Baby, The Stars Shine Bright just released the news that they will be taking reservations for the most beautiful dress in the world; that's right the Vampire print. But they will be taking reservations tomorrow. This does not leave me enough time to get a job/save up/sell some drugs/whack my parents for insurance money so I was wondering..... If I do not reserve this dress at this time,  what happens after that? I'm so afraid that the dress will then go on sale, sell out, and then hit the frilly black market for like $500 and a kidney. But I need this dress, more than I need kidneys!  What happens to a dream dress after it goes on reservation?

Sep. 4th, 2009

 I tried using the search button on the EGL community, but couldn't find anything. Are there any tutorials online that show how to put a reservation on something from the btssb website?
 Dear AAL,

How the heck are some brand names pronounced? Especially ones like Metamorphose temps de fille and Moi-meme-Moitie? I have an idea in my head, helped along by my sister who took French in high school, but beyond that.... I have no clue. I've never had cause to say them out loud, and I'd like to make sure I've got it right before I go trying to say it!

Does anyone have any idea of how many pieces of each print AP releases? I've always wondered about this, cause it'd be cool to know how many garments of each print there are around the world!

I thought about asking this on egl, but maybe people would think it's stupid because no one can know the exact number for sure :X But I just wanted to spark a conversation on this topic ^^