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Welcome to ask_a_lolita, where a friendly team of experienced lolitas has gathered to help provide friendly, thoughtful answers to any questions you may have-- but are too afraid to ask! If you have a question, please go ahead and post it to the community. If you'd like to ask your question anonymously, please comment with your inquiry in this post, and the moderation team will post your question. Through this community, we hope that lolitas both new and old can learn more about the fashion.

If you would like to be a part of the moderation team and help us answer questions, please PM askalolita for more information.

New Project: Lolita Price Check Helper

For some reason, I've been getting a number of price-check questions on here. I never really intended for this to be a price-check project, so I usually don't post them.

However, between the recent price wank on the secrets community and in other groups, I think the time is right for a price-checking venue. I've created a price-check blog here:


It's kind of bare, but if you're wondering how much a piece is worth, please don't hesitate to ask! I spend a ton of time on the sales community, so I feel qualified to offer price-checking advice.

I'd also like to apologize for the halt in progress on the lolita scans community. My scanner was out of operation, and I've only just now gotten access to a working one. I will start updating with the Gosu Roris and GLBs that I own in the coming weeks, and I will start soliciting requests for volumes I don't have by the end of the month.
I just bought the SP bunny-chan pocket OP and the neck hole rubs against the front of my neck. It is extremely uncomfortable but i really like the OP . I am wondering if anyone else has had or how they fixed, necklines like this.
Hello ladies.

I just bought my first ever brand item[s] [an Innocent World Oddment Lucky Pack]. Obviously, with this being my very first lolita item, and first time order online, I'm extremely nervous.

I put my order in Wednesday the 7th around 2:30pm Eastern Standard Time, and received my automatic response.

My question is- how long should it take for my confirmation email? I have yet to receive mine, and am nervous since it's been about a week. I know they said they were behind on orders, but does anyone have an idea when I'd get mine?

Also, have any other people who've ordered their IW lucky packs received a confirmation email?

Is there a guide available on how to properly fold/pack dresses? I'm moving cross-country and will have to pack all my clothes into boxes... I'm always terrified of ironing things wrong or messing up my precious dresses somehow. I remember when I got my 3-Tier Miracle Candy JSK it was folded badly and all the tulle edging was bent out of shape. I had to have my grandma fix the bent tulle (I don't know how she did it, but it looked so much better when she was done and I know she didn't iron it because she said it would mess up the tulle). I want to avoid having to do that myself! Help?
Thanks bunches. :)

Sep. 5th, 2011

I have this dress and blouse; on a whim I decided to try them one, and this is how it looks like:


I'm not wearing any accessories or petticoat, but it does have enough room for a few petticoats to allow the proper shape and it reaches just below my knees.

Is this, or can it be made lolita? Please and thank you.

Sep. 5th, 2011

Hi there!

My petti has pretty much died since I bought it a while back. I was wondering about any ways to make it poof again? Hahaha, I have no idea how to revive it!

Thanks! <3

Curious about Sweet Rococo

I was wondering if anyone had purchased anything from Sweet Rococo.  I'm thinking of buying a dress from them, but I don't know how good their quality is.  I could really use some guidence here.

Jul. 25th, 2011

Who are you? You guys always give the best advice!

Quality Lace Gloves?

Hello lolitas!

I've been really interested in buying some nice wrist-length lace gloves with fingers for my coordinates--but I've noticed that they usually are not made with nice lace. :( I know that the nature of the gloves doesn't really allow them to be made out of the kind of quality of lace you see with clothing, but I was wondering if you guys know of any stores that sell some nice ones for a reasonable price?

I've checked out a few online vendors, but I haven't really found what I was looking for yet. As much as I love Sock Dreams, their lace gloves remind me of the bad lace on many low quality lolita dresses, and BL's lace gloves are just shoddily made from what I see. Also, Google just shows up an abundance of costume-quality lace gloves or the Leg Avenue ones. :(

Thanks for the help, everyone!

Is This a Lolita Dress?

Hello. I am someone just getting into the style of lolita and a recently found out about these ita dresses. I found that most of these dress are using the scene of black and white, and I even read someone giving advice to another to "not use black and white." This alarms me because my first dress below uses the scheme of black and white. While you guys probably get this question all the time, I would like to know, "Is my dress a lolita, ita, or did I completely miss the mark?" I read several articles on whether or not your dress is lolita and I'm still not sure.


This dress was handmade. I bought the materials (the dress is made of cotton, ribbon and lace) and the design is something my seamstress and I came up together. The actual length is where it is suppose to be, and while it seems that most dress's are not, this dress is actually a two piece. The ruffles on the side of the top is meant to hide this. This dress is also not completed, another thing that I want to make sure of doing before I complete it. On the skirt there is not lace attached to the black and grey layer, but I have a "Promo lace" put there. Does it make the dress look ita? Do I need to go and buy different lace, if even have it there at all? The skirt will also get a ruffling effect later. The bow looks lopsided at the top because it is detachable and I didn't put it on directly. There is also two smaller bows down the sides of the dress and there will be a bigger one at the back. Not included in the picture, but there is also a petticoat underneath that I have as well as a blouse, the goes to the elbows and flares out. I plan to buy some rocking horse shoes and stocking soon, but until that time. I have to make due with tall black boots. I do have pictures of me in it, but I didn't want to be known as the ita girl if it is an ita dress.
On the side and top I have a few lolita (or somewhat lolita) accessories that I bought before I got the courage to make my dress. Are they acceptable with this dress? Also if the dress turned out to be a so called ita dress, is there anything I can do to make it less so before it is completed?
Thank you so much for your time. It means a lot if you guys are able to answer my questions. I hope to get different styles (or if my fears are true, real lolita styles) in the future, and I don't want to make the same mistakes twice. (also this is my first few times using LJ, so I apologize if I made any mistakes that way)